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The Pass Machine® Anesthesiology BASIC Exam Board Review Course is a comprehensive, laser-focused, and guaranteed preparation system. As of May 2015, over 500 anesthesiology residents are using The Pass Machine as their primary BASIC exam prep resource.

  • Triple Trust Guarantee

    Pass Your ABA® Board Exam or Receive:
    • A 100% Refund of Your Course Tuition
    • An Additional 10% Payment
    • Online Course Access Until You Pass, Tuition-Free!

  • The Residency & Fellowship Program Edition

    The Residency & Fellowship Program Edition of The Pass Machine allows the training program to directly purchase and manage The Pass Machine course for their trainees for use as a curriculum aid and/or as a board exam review. Each subscriber receives 12-month access to all course materials, including recorded lectures, syllabi, and practice tests. Additionally, a Director’s Dashboard is included that allows the Program Director (or designate) to track in comprehensive detail each trainee’s progress through the course materials. The Residency & Fellowship Program Edition is customizable to meet individual training program needs and budget. If interested in learning more, please call our Training Program Educational Specialist at 877-225-8384 to discuss how The Pass Machine can be your trainees’ route to success.

  • High-Yield Content

    Laser-Focused Lectures: The Pass Machine Anesthesiology BASIC board review Course is comprised of hundreds of short, easily-digestible lecture modules, each of which reflects exam topics mapped to the ABA® Anesthesiology BASIC Exam blueprint. The modules are organized into lectures covering all related exam “keywords.” Thus, you effectively review every required exam topic and nothing else, acquiring increased mastery of the material in less time.

    The “QBL” Method: To ensure pinpoint exam relevancy, the lectures use a method called “Question-Based Learning.” Lectures are constructed from a series of board-style multiple choice questions, each coupled to a mini-lecture on that question’s topic.

    Board-Experienced Faculty: Lectures are presented by faculty experienced in teaching for board preparation. The two levels of medical editing ensure every lecture is up-to-date, medically accurate and 100% board-relevant.

    CME: Earn 25.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ by participating in the Anesthesiology BASIC online course. Your annual employer-provided educational funds may be used to cover the costs of this CME activity.

  • Board-Style Practice Exams

    Deep Question Bank: You can test your exam preparedness by answering the hundreds of board-style multiple-choice questions (MCQ) included with your course. Questions carefully follow the board content outline, so each one advances your mastery of exam content.

    Realistic Test Environment: Your patients test you every day – but not in the same way the boards test you. You learn how to answer questions in the board exam format. It’s as close as you can get to the real exam!

    Optimized for Learning: The MCQs include detailed, referenced explanations. That way you’re not just testing your knowledge – you’re learning the “how” and “why” behind every board-style question.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Always-on Convenience: The Pass Machine course is optimized for 24/7 online access from any computer, smartphone, or tablet device so you can watch the lectures and take practice exams whenever you have a free moment.

    Unlimited Repeat Viewing: The course permits unlimited access to all course materials for 12 months from purchase. And you have the option of viewing the recorded lectures in any order and as many times as you wish.

    Lecture Viewing Options: You can choose the full viewing option (that displays the lecture slides synchronized to the video of the speaker) or the streaming audio only option that provides you the flexibility to listen at your convenience while driving or exercising.

    Detailed Syllabus: The large course syllabus is included with every live and online course. It includes all the course lecture material, including lecture images, presented in a highly organized format. This way it’s easy to follow along with lectures and take notes, and can also be used independently of the lectures as a high-yield written resource.

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Tailored Features & Savings for Training Programs


For more information please call our Education Consultant, Lynne Garcia at 844-332-5454.

For course testimonials, agenda, faculty, and CME info: