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Addiction Medicine Testimonials

My experience taking The Pass Machine was phenomenal! The instructors were great and the materials were exactly what I needed to be thoroughly prepared for my board exam. I went into the exam feeling confident and was ecstatic once I received my score back. I recommend The Pass Machine course to all my friends and colleagues.

Chad Cannon, MD
Addiction Medicine Certification

I would not have passed the exam without this course. The course was convenient and just right for passing the exam. The ability to review the material and practice questions after the course was the key to my passing. I recommend it highly and plan to take other courses in the future for my recertification.

N.H. Salman, MD
Addiction Medicine Certification

Yes, I passed with flying colors. I was very pleased not only to pass, but pass significantly! Your course was instrumental in my results. Thank you for such a great course and such a positive experience.

Dawn Idom, MD
Addiction Medicine MOC

Anesthesiology Testimonials

I passed the Board exam only because of The Pass Machine. I even scored more than what I scored for my primary certification exam, despite practicing anesthesia [only] 20% of my clinical time. The course was structured precisely to focus on the Exam.

Ranjan Dey, MD
Anesthesiology ADVANCED

This program has absolutely exceeded my expectations!  The lectures are ‘spot-on’ preparation not just to pass the test, but are a great review of all the important topics that anesthesiologists are responsible for.  These are the lectures you wish you had in residency, but did not. The online format makes it easy to start-stop the presentations as you prefer and is available 24/7 for a year after purchase. The syllabus is well organized and complete. Thanks for a great program!

Jeff Seymore, MD
Anesthesiology ADVANCED

The best courses out there for the board exams. Indispensable when prepping for the boards and/or keeping up with your knowledge base.

Thomas Henry, MD
Anesthesiology BASIC

I see why you make the money back promise…because you never have to pay! Everyone passes!! Needless to say, I passed. The lectures by Dr. Nathan were invaluable, especially the bonus lectures.

Cheryl D. White, MD
Anesthesiology BASIC

The prep course was perfect! I did very well on the exam, and I attribute my performance to the streamlined delivery of popular anesthesia topics in the course. The lectures covered all of the keywords from the exam that I can remember. The lectures on anesthesia machines and physics cleared up questions that I have had for years on those topics. The physicians who lectured are phenomenal. I wish Dr. Naveen had been my attending as a resident – he would have saved me a lot of confusion in my studies! I also benefited greatly from the test-taking strategies lectures and practice exams. I’ve never been good at standardized tests, and the tips were very helpful. I will recommend the course to everyone I meet who is preparing for the written exams. I will definitely be using your program in 10 years so don’t go anywhere!

Tiffany Butler, MD
Anesthesiology In-Training

The course helped me pass my written boards. I took the online course, so I could do it on my free time. It’s very concise, straight to the point. The lecturers are very knowledgeable, very effective speakers. I will surely recommend it to anyone, especially those who are working full-time.

Manuel Tan, MD
Anesthesiology Traditional Part 1

Cardiology Testimonials

I just learned that I passed the Cardiology Examination. Your course was instrumental in passing the examination. The lectures and practice questions were very focused and exam-oriented and the overall course experience was excellent!

Emmett B. Chapital Jr. MD, MBA, FACC, FASNC
Cardiovascular Disease Certification

The Pass Machine was instrumental in preparing me for board in the subspecialty of cardiology. I watched all the lectures at home on my iPad and PC. The boards require mastering of a large volume of material. I don’t think that I would have passed the boards successfully without the help of The Pass Machine syllabus. Sample questions were also very helpful. The Pass Machine stands by their product by offering a refund if you are not successful in passing the boards. Thank you Pass Machine.  I will certainly use you again in 10 years.

Bruce J. Kriegel, MD, FACC
Cardiovascular Disease Certification

I’ve been to all the review courses through the years – ACCF, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic – and by far this was the best. The repetition and interdisciplinary approach to the program were excellent. All guideline-oriented – great job!

Carl Thurmond, MD
Cardiovascular Disease MOC

I just received notification that I passed (with room to spare)! As an electrophysiologist, I needed to review general cardiology and thought your lecturers were on target and on content. I have already recommended your course to others planning to take the boards this fall.

Raul Mitrani, MD, FACC, FHRS
Cardiovascular Disease MOC

Critical Care Medicine Testimonials

I took the course right after residency, and found it to be superb! The lectures were efficient, filled with HIGH-YIELD material. The test questions were very similar to the actual exam. This course was a lifesaver for me, especially since I am not the greatest test-taker. Taking this course allowed me to pass!

Robert Fishman, MD
Critical Care Medicine Certification

This course is excellent, as well as superior to any board review courses I’ve taken in the past! This course is driven to help you and guide you for the boards. Would highly recommend anyone to be part of this experience – you will never regret it.

Orlando Almanza, MD
Critical Care Medicine MOC

I have very limited time to dedicate to board recertification, like most of us. The Pass Machine’s review course was the most efficient way to perform this onerous task. The lectures increased my confidence that I can pass the exam.

Paul Guentert, MD
Critical Care Medicine MOC

Emergency Medicine Testimonials

This was an excellent course.  The lectures covered a wide variety of topics and all information presented was relevant to Emergency Medicine.  I feel much more confident about taking my qualifying exam as a result of this course!

Kristin Schwab, MD
Emergency Medicine Qualifying

The Pass Machine review was very, very helpful to me. Very simplified, exam-oriented and wide coverage material. It was the only material I used. I entered the exam with confidence, and indeed I breezed through the test questions with much ease! I knew very well I would pass after the exam and I did! Thanks to The Pass Machine!

Joachin Uche Okafor, MD
Emergency Medicine Qualifying

I have been practicing urgent care medicine for the last 8 years, after 25 years in the ER, and I wanted to recertify. I looked at a few courses and decided on The Pass Machine not only for the content but also the promise to refund my tuition if I didn’t pass. I needed as much help as I could get because I don’t see complex cases anymore and haven’t for a while. I found The Pass Machineto be convenient to my schedule, reviewing lectures when I could and then repeating the more complicated ones. The lectures were concise and the information was up to date, and presented in a more informal and entertaining way. I particularly enjoyed the cardiology lecture, which can be a dry topic but this presenter really kept my attention. Also, the practice questions were very pertinent and helped me decide the topics I needed to give more attention. When it came time to take the exam, I felt I had confidence and reassurance that I could actually pass it, especially after I had been out of the ER for so long. This was probably my last recert exam and I am very thankful that with the help of The Pass Machine I PASSED.

Patricia Cook, MD
Emergency Medicine ConCert™

My experience was a little different because I hadn’t done emergency medicine for several years, so I had to be able to review quickly and thoroughly. I also wasn’t able to go to the course. The review book and the on-line material were excellent. I even took the book camping in Boundary Waters, MN. When the ConCert exam came, I passed. Thanks for having a great review course!

George Nobile, MD
Emergency Medicine ConCert™

Family Medicine Testimonials

I was worried about trusting my study for family medicine boards to a single study system, so I purchased a competing course on MP3/video and attended the American Physician course in person. The American Physician product was head and shoulders above the other review course. One of the other attendees had attended a review course by yet another company, and also felt he should have saved his money and only purchased the American Physician course. I don’t usually write this type of recommendation, but these programs represent a significant investment, and I wish someone I trusted had given me this information. I was pleasantly surprised with my board scores, and there were a lot of questions that I would have gotten wrong if I hadn’t taken the API review.

Brandon Hall, MD
Family Medicine Certification

I took the course after extensive search for a good, well-credited live course. I was impressed by the material, and the live course was all I was hoping for- ‘Family Medicine in a nutshell.’  The online question bank was very useful as well and it helped me pass my boards.   I will definitely use it for my next board exam.   Thank you, American Physician Institute, for helping me pass my board exam.

Maria Latif, MD
Family Medicine Certification

I attended your review course in February. I found it very helpful not only as a board review but as a comprehensive family medicine review as well and learned several things that were very helpful in my general practice. I took the week before my boards off to “cram” for the test. Four nights before my boards, I developed an acutely bleeding ulcer and ended up in the hospital overnight. The only studying I ended up doing, other than your review course, was reviewing the flash cards I made from the review course and taking your practice tests online while I was recovering in bed. I went ahead and took the test as scheduled because it was too late to reschedule by the time I got out of the hospital and with the “pass guarantee” I figured it was better to try to take the test and flunk it rather than skip it all together–but I didn’t think that there was much chance that I would actually pass under the circumstances. You can’t imagine my relief when I got my scores and realized that I passed with a very safe margin. I could not have done it without your course, which was the only studying I was able to do. Thank you so much!

Candy Stockton, MD
Family Medicine MOC

This is my 4th time through the ABFM Board Exam process. I took three other exam prep courses in the past, all of which were unsatisfactory. This is the first board exam prep course I have taken that I would recommend to colleagues. Lectures were clear and concise; the lecturers were excellent. Material was presented in a manner that not only made me feel like I was better prepared for my Boards, but that I believe will improve my performance as a clinician.

James Williams, MD
Family Medicine MOC

Gastroenterology Testimonials

I don’t know how a board review course could be done more effectively! Excellent quality of speakers.

Robert Marshall, MD
Gastroenterology Certification

This is an excellent course. I did the online course, which gave me more flexibility. It certainly has improved my diagnostic and treatment skill.

Satishkumar Patel, MD
Gastroenterology MOC

General Surgery Testimonials

This course was the reason I improved my exam score by 50 points (% points) and passed the exam. The ability to pause the course & research questions as I went was invaluable, as was the ability to back up & review parts of the course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for the General Surgery Qualifying Exam!!

Robert J. Nachtsheim, MD
General Surgery Qualifying

A huge thank you to The Pass Machine, who helped me pass the qualifying examination with ease. With a busy schedule, being able to watch the online lectures in my own time was a huge bonus. I could listen in my car or gym using my iPhone, exactly what I needed!  The content of the lectures was focused and perfect for the exam. The questions were a great help and made me much more confident going into the exam knowing that I had answered close to 1000 questions already.  I would recommend this course to anyone!

Ashling O’Connor, MD
General Surgery Qualifying

The materials are great! I am a 5th year resident and my program has mock orals every other month. I was picked last month and I did awesome! I used the materials to prepare, and I felt very confident about going into the exam. The organization is very clear and straight to the point. Explanations are not lengthy and therefore are easy to read and understand, and there is a lot of space to write notes. I am very happy with the self-study materials. I feel I am well ahead of the game and will be very prepared for the real exam at the end of the year.

Maria Ver, MD
General Surgery Certifying

The Oral board review course is the only one of its kind available. I found it invaluable to watch others being questioned. The accompanying notes were excellent.  All of the topics I got asked in the exam were covered in this course.

Ashling O’Connor, MD
General Surgery Qualifying

I have a very busy Plastic Surgery practice but I wanted to renew my General Surgery Board certification. Being a solo practitioner, I did not have the luxury of attending a review course. Luckily, I found out about The Pass Machine online course. I enjoyed the video lectures, did the review examinations, obtained lots of CME and passed the recertification examination with a smile. Thank you.

Ajaipal Kang, MD
General Surgery MOC

Great review of the latest and up-to-date material. The independent study course was great. I could study whenever, wherever, and however I wanted to. Even though I’m in a highly specialized practice with high clinical demands… it was easy to prepare and pass!

Thomas Shellenberger, MD
General Surgery MOC

Geriatric Medicine Testimonials

Excellent course with focus on targeted high value approach to a comprehensive Board review. Embedding Board-type questions with each talk added value and enhanced learning and allowed me to identify areas of weakness.

Michael C. Dresser, MD
Geriatric Medicine Certification

One of my residents had some trouble passing IM Boards. After 2 attempts (failures), she called and said she had passed and gave great feedback about “The Pass Machine” as the reason for passing. So-When I had to decide whether to take MOC in geriatrics I saw a The Pass Machine advertisement for Geriatrics. So I said why not. The course was focused, well organized, on time and I didn’t fall asleep. I feel more confident now—I hope the outcome is similar to my resident.

Stephen McDonald
Geriatric Medicine MOC

The course was not only a valuable means of passing the board but also was a comprehensive way to understand Geriatric Medicine. It covered all aspects of geriatric disciplines, easy to understand and apply to your daily practice. I took the course online and it was very easy to follow at my convenience. it has helped me to pass the board and has increased my knowledge in geriatrics.

Sissay Awoke, MD
Geriatric Medicine MOC

Hospice & Palliative Medicine Testimonials

I would not have passed the HPM exam without this course. The course was convenient and just right for passing the exam. The ability to review the material and practice questions after the course was the key to my passing. I recommend it highly and plan to take other courses in the future for my recertification.

N.H. Salman, MD
Hospice & Palliative Medicine

I truly enjoyed this HPM course. The speakers were great and effective. I will recommend the course to friends, as it has increased my confidence of passing.

Akinwole Awujo, MD
Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Excellent course, with the main objective of board preparation. Material was very much board-focused, in contrast to some of the other board review courses I attended. Would highly recommend for anyone working towards board certification in Hospice & Palliative Medicine.

Sayyed T. Hussain
Hospice & Palliative Medicine

It is my pleasure to let you know that I have passed my HPM Boards. Thank you so much for your concise course and the profound sense of confidence you have given me. You have presented an unprecedented and simply amazing review of hospice and palliative care. This is the best, most focused, most useful teaching program not only for the boards but also for the practice that I have ever reviewed or attended. The clarity, simplicity and information are truly amazing. The course is very unique, focused and board-orientated. The diligence, profound knowledge in hospice and palliative care and conscientiousness makes it possible to review so much information in a few days. Anyone who can understand and memorize most of this review will certainly pass the Board.

Gurdeep Kaur, MD
Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Infectious Disease Testimonials

A great way to start your comprehensive review – a jump start! I heard better explanations than I did in medical school.

Lindsay Cooper, MD
Infectious Disease Certification

Internal Medicine Testimonials

Getting away from the office for a week and focusing on studying for this exam was just what I needed. I was able to stop worrying about how I was going to tackle this material and start narrowing down what I needed to focus on and identifying any weak points. I am thrilled to report that I passed my exam. Thank you Dr. Krasuski for organizing and developing this course!

Timothy Sigman, MD
Internal Medicine Certification

I have been impressed with the course, including the depth of topic coverage, as well as the panel of physicians chosen as speakers. When I first signed up for the course, I did not know of anyone else who had taken the course. This course has provided me with didactic sessions and with materials I will be able to review at home in several formats, as well as board-style questions/answers. I compared to other board review courses – no other course offered all of these features and backed with the guarantee. I would highly recommend this course.

Daniel Duzan, MD
Internal Medicine Certification

The Pass Machine Board Recertification prep course helped me immensely and was a critical factor in my passing first time. I feel that without having attended the course, despite my private study over many months, it would have been a real challenge! I found the prep questions we went through during the various modules were at precisely the level of difficulty of the exam itself, and in that regard were an ideal form of preparation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your course to anyone preparing for Boards for the first time, or for re-certification.

Christopher da Costa, MD
Internal Medicine MOC

I’m a busy practicing physician, mother, and wife and had no time to take off or start preparing  months in advance for recertification. I really found this board review helped my practicing knowledge as well as pass the boards. The material was comprehensive and yet relevant to the boards. All the speakers were well prepared. Best of all, I could listen to the lectures at my convenience. I would highly recommend it to my colleagues. In fact, I persuaded my husband to try it and he passed the boards the following year!! Thanks!

Sabahat Nawab, MD
Internal Medicine MOC

Medical Oncology Testimonials

Excellent course. Definitely helped me get a great score. Highly recommend it.

Jorge Leguizamo, MD
Medical Oncology Certification

I’m happy to report that I passed my Medical Oncology MOC exam. As an academic medical oncologist, I specialize in the treatment of one cancer and so the prospect of reviewing for a test encompassing all solid tumors (with a healthy sprinkling of hematology) was daunting. However, your course was excellent and helped me review for the test in a relatively short period of time. I highly recommend your review course for anyone registered for a MOC exam, and it’s the best money that I’ve spent in a long time.

Joe Baar, MD, PhD
Medical Oncology MOC

I obtained the course materials for self-study in September for the October exam last year, having found out about the course a few weeks earlier.  I felt unprepared and a little panicked for the exam at that point, using only the ASCO SEP book and the relatively few questions in that text.  I was able to access The Pass Machinematerials/videos online, and using the written text in the binder, I was able to review all the topics in a relatively short time and concentrate on the areas I felt weaker in.  The format allowed me to review the materials even over short periods of free time at work and I worked full-time until the test.  The questions on the online tests were extremely helpful and written in a similar format to the Board questions. I went into the exam feeling confident as a result of my study with The Pass Machine materials and the results showed that not only did I pass the exam, but I was able to score in the highest percentile in more than half the topics.  I am indebted toThe Pass Machine course for helping me pass my recertification Oncology Boards.

Vijay Kasturi, MD
Medical Oncology MOC

Nephrology Testimonials

Dr. Krasuski truly cares about your education and stands behind his guarantee. He will do whatever it takes to make sure you pass the examination.

Sachin Phade, MD
Nephrology Certification

I can tell The Pass Machine is no doubt the best available for test prep. I have attended 2 other board reviews  – I’ll rank The Pass Machine the best test prep in the country.

Saeed Bajwa, MD
Nephrology MOC

Pain Medicine Testimonials

Excellent online course. Much better and more efficient than I would have been able to accomplish on my own.

Anna Scott, MD
Pain Medicine Certification

As an online participant, the course format made me feel as though it was my personal course.

Anne-Marie Regal, MD
Pain Medicine MOC

Pediatrics Testimonials

It was great! I actually did not read a single prep question because of lack of time as I am in fellowship training program and only was able to listen to the lectures. I passed with a good score considering the amount of time I spent, but certainly listening to the lectures is sufficient for someone who wants to pass!

Ghada Kunter, MD
Pediatrics Certifying

As a pediatric fellow, it is very hard to try to find the right sources and time to effectively study for the boards. In my opinion, The Pass Machine provided me with the tools I needed to study for boards and the very high-yield content of lectures was just right. Also loved the convenience of having them available on the Internet, so I can study anytime, anywhere.

Edgardo Rivera, MD
Pediatrics Certifying

A huge THANK YOU to Jack Krasuski and The Pass Machine faculty!  Not only is it effective for passing the boards, but it is vital for being up-to-date in your daily practice.  I have had trouble passing standardized tests in the past and with the help of The Pass Machine, I passed with flying colors.  With their Triple Trust Guarantee. It is really a no-brainer.  You NEED to take this course if you want to pass the boards.

Brian Park, MD
Pediatrics MOC

Despite many  internal temper tantrums, I had to recertify,  even though I had not practiced general pediatrics in 15 years as I am 100% employed as a sub-specialist. The Pass Machine‘s guarantee is what hooked me. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The live course was phenomenal. The Pass Machine staff was very helpful and presenters were top notch. Post-course access to the taped lectures, additional lectures and, most importantly the online tests were critical adjuncts in my preparation. As an older physician, I had never experienced a computerized exam and was very uncomfortable with this change. The online quizzes were extraordinarily helpful- not only by presenting good learning material, but in familiarizing me with the computerized test taking format. I not only passed the examination but did well. Thank you Dr. Krasuski.

Debra Simms, MD
Pediatrics MOC

Pediatric Anesthesiology Testimonials

Excellent program! The Pediatric Anesthesia course was a great compilation of lectures and speakers. The questions were very relevant, although many were harder than the actual boards questions. Passed the Peds Boards with flying colors!  I am already a repeat customer. A few months later I took my MOCA recertification test, used API again, passed no problem. Thanks again!

Susanne Rupert, MD
Pediatric Anesthesiology Certification

I passed using The Pass Machine. It was extremely helpful to listen to lectures and not have to travel.  The practice exams were very helpful and there are few materials out there that have pediatric anesthesia board questions.  I wouldn’t have passed without it!

Michelle Petrie, MD
Pediatric Anesthesiology Certification

I was very well-prepared for this exam by taking this course.  When I completed the
exam, I was confident that I had passed, and I think it was because of the API course that I was so well-prepared.

Camille Colomb, MD
Pediatric Anesthesiology Certification

Pediatric Critical Care Testimonials

Excellent course! Well worth the time and money. The practice tests and answer explanations are very helpful.

Nancy Hoover, MD
Pediatric Critical Care Certification

The course was very worthwhile. Organized and complete lectures by good speakers. And the syllabus will be a perfect study guide.

Elizabeth Allen, MD
Pediatric Critical Care MOC

Pulmonary Disease Testimonials

I used The Pass Machine online course for Pulmonary certification. I found it to be very spot-on in regards to the material covered. I think it really helped me pass the exam.

Brad Edgington, MD
Pulmonary Disease Certification

I PASSED! As you know, Pulmonary Medicine is a tough field due to its broad reach, so you need concise yet in-depth review to pass. And that is EXACTLY what The Pass Machine did for me. Excellent faculty went through each topic in a Board-oriented fashion. Thanks!

Muhammad Fuad Bangash, MD
Pulmonary Disease Certification

This course was superb. It was very easy to follow and complete in my home environment at my pace. Excellent faculty. Course information and format is very helpful in preparing for the board examination. Because of this course’s help. I am pleased to inform you that I have passed my recertification in Pulmonary Medicine.

Satish K. Mittal, MD, FCCP
Pulmonary Disease MOC

The Pass Machine is truly is a passing machine without doubt. I passed my exam, I believe, just because of this course. It is thorough, to-the-point but very comprehensive, plus adds your knowledge for your practice too, especially physicians in private practice with limited time. This course is a guide to success. I thank Jack and his team to accomplish my goal.

Anees Arshad, MD
Pulmonary Disease MOC

Excellent course. I highly recommend it to any doctor, especially in academic settings and in private practice. The guarantee is unique. I know it is the success of the attendees passing the boards that counts, not just making money. After passing the Pulmonary boards in 1978, this is a very good refresher course for me.

Madeleine Hernandez, MD
Pulmonary Disease MOC

Sleep Medicine Testimonials

You have distilled and organized the key aspects of an important and rapidly growing field of sleep medicine into coherently presented lectures. Excellent job!

Fredric Radoff, MD
Sleep Medicine

Really enjoyed the course – very relevant materials and friendly, helpful speakers. Have had other Sleep talks and courses, and this was much better. Some very good, very helpful drawings to help me remember how to treat, understand phase shift, etc.

Donald John, MD
Sleep Medicine

Sleep medicine has a lot of topics that can be difficult to understand and remember. This course covered most of the difficult and basic ones in a way that makes it easy to understand and remember. The teaching faculty did a good job.

Basma Ricaurte, MD
Sleep Medicine

The material covered in the video/audio course was definitely what was needed for the sleep board.  All of the details were covered and it seemed like the questions were written by the lecturers in the course.

Maria Dolgovina, MD
Sleep Medicine

Vascular Surgery Testimonials

I have been out of the vascular surgery field for some time. I use this course as a refresher for the boards and to prepare for my fellowship. I will be able to serve others better as a result of this course!

Gary Lengel, MD
Vascular Surgery Qualifying

Would and will recommend to my colleagues. Very thorough review and good online access. Study materials very clear and concise. Readily available at any point in the day. All ABS topics covered and in depth. Will provide great study reference for now and the future. Similar format to the General Surgery Review which was excellent. I feel I should be well-prepared for the test.

Walaya Methodius-Rayford, MD
Vascular Surgery Recertification