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American Physician Institute (API) has three discount programs available. The first is open to everyone; the second to returning customers; and the third is specifically designed for training programs. A brief no-hassle phone call can save you hundreds of dollars, so don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can design a package that includes exactly what you need and that will result in the largest savings for you.

Ambassador Referral Program

Unlimited Number of Discounts for Your Colleagues & Money For You

With your first purchase of an API course, you are automatically enrolled into the API Ambassador Referral Program. It could not be easier to save:

  1. Tell your colleagues about API’s board review courses. Remember that your colleagues are often in the same position you once were – they need a great board review course, but aren’t sure where to turn. A referral from you can mean a lot to them.
  2. Tell them to mention your name when they call API’s Educational Specialists at 877-225-8384. No codes or coupons needed.
  3. Each colleague will receive a $50 discount off their tuition, and you’ll receive a $50 TangoCard for each new colleague you refer.

Why do we offer you and each of your colleagues $50? We found a successful referral from an API client saves an average of $100 in advertising costs. So we think it’s only fair to pass along these savings to you.

There’s no limit to the goodwill and gratitude you’ll inspire among your colleagues, and there’s no limit to how many colleagues you can refer! To view a full list of the courses we offer, please visit Complete this form and we’ll send you a convenient referral code to share with colleagues:

Multi-Purchase Discounts

Buy More and Save!

Individuals and groups who purchase more than one course are eligible for substantial Multi-Purchase Discounts while enjoying all the course benefits of single full-price purchases, including the security that comes with the famous Triple Trust Guarantee. And the more courses purchased, the greater your discount percentage.

Another attractive feature of this discount program is that the courses purchased as part of this program can be any combination of different board review courses.

This popular option is often taken advantage of by groups of residents, fellows, or practicing physicians who coordinate among themselves to purchase courses. Each person makes their own individual purchase within the 3-day eligibility window to which the Multi-Purchase Discount is applied.

Also, if you’re double or triple boarded, you may wish to register for all your board review courses at the same time to take advantage of these savings.

To learn more about the multi-purchase discounts or to set up a discount for yourself or a group of colleagues, please contact our Educational Specialists at 877-225-8384 for discount details and to coordinate your purchases.

Residency & Fellowship Edition

Tailored Features & Savings for Training Programs Only

The Residency & Fellowship Program Edition of The Pass Machine allows the training program to purchase and manage The Pass Machine course for their trainees for use as a curriculum aid and/or as a board exam review. Each subscriber receives 12-month access to all course materials, including recorded lectures, syllabi, and practice tests.

Additionally, a Director’s Dashboard is included that allows the Program Director (or designate) to track in minute detail each trainee’s progress through the course materials. The Residency & Fellowship Program Edition is customizable to meet individual training program needs and budget.

If interested in learning more, please call our Training Program Educational Specialist at 877-225-8384 to discuss how The Pass Machine can be your trainees’ route to success.

Call 877-225-8384 Now to Save!

A brief no-hassle phone call can save you hundreds of dollars. So don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can design a package that includes exactly what you need and will result in the largest savings for you.

Yours in exam success,

Jack Krasuski - Executive Director

Jack Krasuski, MD